Our Progress

This is a gallery summarizing the past few years of our journey from city life to off grid living. We moved out of PA & NYC and headed to Maine in April 2011, and it has been quite a ride ever since!

As of Winter 2013 we began to overhaul the interiors of our previous container home layout. We wanted a larger space, and needed to re-insulate and install a wood stove.

So as of April 2014 we have successfully:
* Poured an insulated Alaskan Slab ourselves (messy, but satisfying work)
* Demolished the old interiors
* Took 2 separate units and had them welded together.
* Welded the framework for the sliding patio door and the door to the bathroom. The welding was done with a plasma torch. It was a bigger job than expected which ran our funds dry for quite a spell. We halted progress but now that Spring is here we are ready to get things rolling again!

We plan to:
* Frame the walls and floors
* Insulate with spray foam
* Weld window frame in kitchen and around wood stove thimble
* Run plumbing & electrical
* Hook up our New In Box Schüco solar panels
* Expand off the containers with a timber-framed mudroom, bedroom & bathroom Keep checking back throughout the Summer for new photos of our work in progress!